Griswold skillet dating

griswold skillet dating

How old is my Griswold cast iron skillet?

If your skillet has a Griswold logo, it was made between 1905-1957. During this time, the Griswold Manufacturing Company used a variety of logos and markings Griswold skillets. Luckily we can use these markings to determine the age of your Griswold cast iron skillet.

How do you identify the logo for a Griswold Skillet?

The edge of the skillet shows the word Erie in large letters, while the center contains a logo comprised of a spider in a web. Examine the center of the skillet bottom for a diamond shape with the word Erie inside it. Griswold used this design for its logo from 1884 through 1909. Look for an apostrophe in the Griswold logo.

What is a Griswold Small Block Skillet?

The Griswold Small Block marking is not as collectible to cast iron enthusiasts, but they are still fantastic skillets. Griswold drastically reduced the size of the logo, and skillets came without a heat ring.

What do the numbers mean on Griswold cast iron cookware?

You can see different numbers on Griswold cast iron cookware. They represent various measures. The ones you can find on the handles show the size of the pot’s bottom diameter. Keep in mind that people used the wood stoves with openings mainly made for this cookware. Therefore, the diameter is a measure of these openings.

How much is a Griswold Skillet worth?

A mint condition, super rare spider skillet made in the 1890s by Griswold is worth up to $8,000. Maybe you are lucky enough to have inherited some cast iron from a relative or you want to shop for antique cast iron but dont know where to start or what you should look for.

When was the Griswold Erie cast iron skillet made?

Griswold used this logo between 1880-1907. Erie cast iron was manufactured between 1880-1907. Over the years, Griswold made slight changes to the Erie line. Such as the handle, Erie logo, and the pattern number in the center. In total, there are six known series of Erie skillets.

How do I identify a Griswold Puritan Skillet?

From the 1920s to-1930s, Griswold Puritan cast iron will have a pattern number at 6 o’clock. If you have Puritan cast iron, click the link to learn more. Best Made Sillets were made by Griswold Manufacturing for Sears. Puritan Cast iron skillet made by Griswold Manufacturing Company. To identify Puritans skillets that were made Griswold.

Why are Griswold cast iron pans so popular?

The most spread and widely popular are Griswold cast iron pans and skillets. They are a synonym for the mouth-watering crispy food. The reason is that they are basically non-stick pans that can endure the high temperatures necessary for frying. However, they are not the only popular and highly appreciated items that Griswold offers.

How do I identify a Griswold cast iron skillet?

Turn the skillet over and look for the Griswold mark on the bottom. Griswold placed their mark on the bottom of their cast-iron skillets. Locate the city of manufacture listed on the bottom of the Griswold skillet.

Does a Griswold Skillet need a heat ring?

However, you will most likely pick up a great Griswold skillet without a heat ring at a lower price. Pre Griswold is a term used for Erie skillets. Erie cast iron is sometimes described as Pre Griswold. Griswold Manufacturing Company made Erie cast iron cookware.

When did Griswold cookware stop being made?

It was characteristic of Griswold iron cast cookware made in the period from 1939 to 1957. Apart from logos, the Griswold iron cast pans and cooking items changed markings over time. Many experts and collectors agreed that they were not essential as they were part of the factory’s molds.

Is a Griswold large block trademark Skillet worth buying?

So if you want a great old skillet without the price tag of highly collectable pieces then a skillet Griswold Large block trademark could be a great option. Griswold made skillets with the large block logo and a flat bottom between 1930-1939. Beautiful skillet with large block logo. This skillet was made Circa 1930-1939.

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