Ethan nestor dating

ethan nestor dating

Does Ethan Nestor have a girlfriend?

Girlfriend / Spouse Ethan Nestor has dated – Mika (2018-2020) – In the summer of 2018, Ethan started dating a girl named, Mika. They remained together for 2 years and called it quits in 2020.

Who is Ethan Nestor?

All you need to know - TheNetline Ethan Nestor (Online Persona: CrankGameplays) is an American YouTuber and content creator with close to 2 million followers on his YouTube channel. Nestor is an all-round content creator skilled in writing, producing, editing, directing, and many more.

Are Ethan and Mika still together?

Mika (2018-2020) – In the summer of 2018, Ethan started dating a girl named, Mika. They remained together for 2 years and called it quits in 2020. Ethan confirmed the split by issuing a public statement on his Twitter in August 2020. He often tends to dye his hair ‘blue’.

When did Ethan Nestor make his first video?

Since his youth, Ethan admired cinema and acting as he would often make home videos with his older half-brother, Andrew Nestor. After taking an interest in YouTube, Ethan had decided to make his debut video on August 29, 2012, around 2am EDT, which he posted the following day to his original CrankGameplays channel.

Is Ethan Nestor dating anyone?

His real name is Ethan Nestor. He is nicknamed as the loud blue boy who plays the video game. Ethan is very private off-screen which keeps his fans curious about his relationship. For now, he is single and focused on his career as a content creator. Ethan has no records of ex-girlfriend as well. He even made a tweet about him being single.

How tall is Ethan Nestor from CrankGameplays?

How tall is CrankGameplays? Ethan Nestor height is 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs 65kg. How old is Ethan Nestor? Ethan is 24 years old.

Who is Ethan Nestor-Darling?

His given name is Ethan Nestor-Darling, friends call his Ethan. American YouTuber who first came to fame as the video editor for Mark Fischbach. In 2015, he created his own YouTube channel, the gaming channel CrankGameplays. CrankGameplays is most recognized for being a youtuber.

Who are Ethan Nestor’s parents?

Not much is known about Ethans family, but both of his parents (his father Mark Nestor and his mother Annie Darling) are alive. He is very close to his family. In August of 2018, he announced that he would take a break from YouTube for a week or two because his maternal grandmother passed away.

How did Ethan Nestor start his YouTube career?

A trained gymnast from a young age, Nestor won numerous competitions during his schooling years. Nestor’s passion lay in gymnastics before he started posting videos at the age of 15. Ethan’s YouTube career started because he had nothing else to do with his free time.

Who is Ethan Nestor of CrankGameplays?

Ethan Nestor of CrankGameplays is a friendly, funny US YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Born in Maine on Oct 24th, 1996, he began the CrankGameplays channel in August 2012 at nearly age 16. After finishing high school, he took a gap year before college to put all his energy toward YouTube and work.

What was Ethans first video on YouTube?

His first video is labeled Dirty Mic and the Boys-Happy Wheels Gameplay Numero Uno . It was uploaded on August 30, 2012, on his first channel the original CrankGamePlays . In the video, Ethan and Andrew (Lanky Randman) play a few levels of Happy Wheels.

Who is Nestor and why is he so popular?

Nestor’s online success has catapulted over the last couple of years, but he has been a content creator since 2012. Nestor’s first videos on YouTube were vlogs he filmed alongside his friends. He then drew on the inspiration of gamers such as PewDiePie and started his gaming channel.

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