Reviews for mate1 dating site

reviews for mate1 dating site

Is it safe to use MATE1?

Mate1 does not provide verification services, but encourages members to practice safe online dating habits. They do, however, monitor the site and approve profiles. Unfortunately, because of the size and ease of registration, Mate1 is a hotspot for those looking to scam online daters.

How do I download the MATE1 mobile app?

Download Mate1s mobile app via the iOS App Store, or Google Play. The Google Play store has nearly 7k reviews of the Mate1 app, most of which are positive (3.6/5 stars). Common reviews include: The iOS app only has 28 reviews, and an average rating of 2/5 stars.

How many visitors does MATE1 get per day?

Mate1 sees about 54k visits per day (2015). With such a small number of visitors compared to registered users, its easy to assume that those who register do not stay active on the site. Download Mate1s mobile app via the iOS App Store, or Google Play.

What is the best online dating site for women?

Mate1 is really a great source for people from all kinds of backgrounds and with whatever motivation; whether casual dating or serious dating is the goal, there is a large network of people available to connect with. Besides having a booming membership pool, Mate1 is a really good deal for female users to try online dating.

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