Hook up downspout

hook up downspout

How to install a downspout adapter?

When shopping for a downspout adapter, be sure that it is going to fit your downspout. Make sure it is the product that matches the downspout or the underground drain and or the extension that you’re going to be connecting to. Only use half inch maximum length screws and you should be able to install your downspout adapter with ease.

What is the purpose of a downspout system?

From there, it streams through downspouts connected to outlets in the gutters. Its an efficient system that helps prevent standing water, roof rot and leaks, not to mention costly foundation problems. Its also simple. Other than the gutter itself, it requires little more than a downspout and an elbow or two.

How do you secure a downspout to the wall?

Alternatively, attach clincher bands -- U-shaped brackets that run from the wall on one side of the downspout to the opposite to clamp the downspout to the house -- directly over top of the downspout connection to help stabilize the joint. According to Lynch Aluminum, you should run at least one downspout per 40 feet of gutter length.

Can I extend my downspout?

Whatever material you are using to extend the downspout needs to be compatible with whatever it is being connected to. Purchasing the right size pipe will make this process easier and there are also adjustable adapters to help with the connection.

What is a downspout adapter used for?

Downspout adapters allow you to connect your downspout to the drain pipe underground, reducing puddling and foundation damage to your home. Dr. Drainage explains how to install your NDS downspout adaptor. This fitting is primarily used to connect your downspout to your drain pipe, complementing any drainage system.

How to install a downspout extension?

You can either remove the bottom elbow and connect the extension directly or simply connect the extension to the end of the elbow. How you do it will be based on cosmetics or the material your downspout extension is made of. Just be sure the water flow goes inside the extension so it doesn’t leak.

What is the standard size of a downspout?

This is usually going to be two by three or three by four inches. Sometimes you may find a three inch round or a four inch round downspout. These products are easy to confuse when shopping for them, but you can find them in these traditional sizes.

Can you cut the bottom of a downspout?

Tin snips or a hacksaw can be used to cut the bottom of a downspout or you can consult a professional to help. Raising the downspout to a level that is above the high ground is important when installing a downspout extension. Water and debris can build up and clog the downspout if this is not considered.

How do you extend a downspout?

Gutter downspouts can be extended using plastic roll out extensions, aluminum, buried plastic pipe or by simply adding a splash block. For a system that saves water, consider installing a rain barrel system which will collect rain water for your garden and divert extra water away from your foundations. What is the best downspout extension?

Why do I need downspouts?

Downspouts are needed to make sure that water that come off of your rain gutters properly drains away from your home. If your downspouts are too close to your home this may result in a pooling of water around and near the foundation of our home.

How far should a downspout be from a house?

As mentioned above, the water should be diverted at least 4 to 6 feet away from the house. If a home has basement walls, it should be at least 6 feet away. The furthest away from the foundation the better. Putting gravel or rocks at the end of the downspout to avoid erosion is a great idea. Elbows get the water from the downspout to the extension.

Can I extend my downspout to collect rainwater?

Rain barrels collect water from your gutters into a large tank, which you can use to water flowerbeds and vegetable cards or even wash your car. This won’t extend your downspout per se, but it’s an eco-friendly way to collect and reuse rainwater. Your gutter system is only as good as your downspout drainage.

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